Wycliffe College Sports Map

Address Wycliffe College
Bath Road
GL10 2JQ
Telephone 01453 822432
Fax 01453 827634
Sport Map Legend
Senior School House

Lat: 51.74336, Long: -2.27934
Astro Entrance Senior School
This is the entrance for the Astro only.
Lat: 51.74221, Long: -2.27742
Boat House for Rowing
The College has its own Boat House for Rowing at Saul Junction.
Lat: 51.78220, Long: -2.35474
Main Pitches

Lat: 51.74157, Long: -2.27217
Outdoor Netball and Tennis Courts
This is the location of the outdoor hard courts for Netball and Tennis.
Lat: 51.74213, Long: -2.28088
Pitch 1
!st XV Rugby Pitch
Lat: 51.74445, Long: -2.28607
Prep Astro

Lat: 51.74148, Long: -2.27087
Prep Hard courts

Lat: 51.74179, Long: -2.27110
Prep School Astro
The Prep School Astro are here.
Lat: 51.74123, Long: -2.27086
Prep School Entrance

Lat: 51.74082, Long: -2.26926
Senior School Entrance
This is the entrance for all visiting teams.
Parents and spectators for Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Squash and Basketball should use this entrance.
Lat: 51.74213, Long: -2.28149
Sports Hall and Cricket Pavilion
This is the Sports Hall where Netball, Basketball, Squash and other indoor sports are played. The Cricket pavilion is also here.
Lat: 51.74404, Long: -2.28222
Summerhouse Equestrian Centre
Wycliffe uses a local Equestrian Centre for its training.
Lat: 51.80223, Long: -2.28988
Swimming Pool
The Swimming Pool is at the Prep School.
Lat: 51.74029, Long: -2.27053
The Berryfield Entrance
This is the entrance for parents and spectators watching Rugby, Football and Rounders fixtures.
Lat: 51.74422, Long: -2.28786
Tiley Field

Lat: 51.74175, Long: -2.26845